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Payment FAQ's

How do I pay for services?

To reserve an appointment, a credit card or debit card will be required over the phone or by our secure portal request. Nothing will be charged when adding your card. The following business day after your scheduled appointment, an invoice will be sent to your email that will allow you to approve the correct price and pay.


How long will my project take?

Most first-timers begin with one or two Dudes for our two-hour minimum. This will help you better understand the value we can provide for future appointments. If you have a big project and need it completed in one day, we suggest booking more time than expected. With the To-Do Dudes you will only pay for the time we are at the property above our two hour minimum. 

Do the To-Do Dudes accept tips?

Yes! While it is not expected our team greatly appreciates any gratuity. This can be paid to our team with cash at the end of a job or applied to the invoice when paying online.


Do you have a minimum?

We have a two hour minimum for each project. This is ensure we are properly compensating our team for drive time. In our serviceable region team members may drive anywhere between 15-45 minutes to an appointment.

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