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Why choose The To-Do Dudes?

The To-Do Dudes are a group of college and high-school students with an ambition to create positive change in our communities. Our mission is to provide a helping hand to the neighbors of our community, with a smile.


About Us

Since beginning our services on May 14th of 2020, The To-Do Dudes team has now completed over 3,000 projects for over 1,000 customers. We exist to empower the next generation of leaders by advancing their personal and professional skills. We push our team members to use The To-Do Dudes as a vessel to help jump-start their careers or build upon previous professional experience, by helping the neighbors of our community. We look to create a positive work environment with growth opportunities that any team member can implement now and for the rest of their careers.

Our Core Values


We believe that giving someone your word is powerful. Whether this be commitment of time, offering a helping hand, or being there for someone in need. When we make a commitment, we make it our priority to come through.


We are empowering the next generation of leaders. Our goal is to help the career advancement for young professionals by creating an environment to enhance personal and professional skills. It starts small today, but in time we will create a community filled with better leaders.


We aim to create purposeful relationships that move our communities forward. From the neighborhoods and the local businesses to the people that allow us to call it home. We push past the typical transactional experience and strive to be a resource the community can always turn to.

Growth Mindset

We are never satisfied with the status quo. Keeping an open mind, desiring constructive criticism, and searching for growth opportunities are deeply ingrained in our culture. We believe that through consistent improvement revolutionary change is created.


We strive to always bring a can-do attitude. Our team looks to handle every situation with a sense of optimism and eagerness. Bringing high energy and a smile, reminds us how grateful we are to be able to serve the community.

Admin Team


Our 'Dudes'

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