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Check us out in some of these local articles!

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Sun and Surf Magazine Featuring The To-Do Dudes!

In April of 2022, The To-Do Dudes had the chance to be featured in "Sun and Surf Magazine." A big thanks to John and Mary for such an amazing opportunity. This magazine was published in many of the local gated communities in Palm Coast and the Hammock. Make sure to click the link and check out some of their other articles as well!

Evolve-Success Featuring The To-Do Dudes! 

In July of 2022, we were featured in Evolve magazine.  We want to give Teddy Regis a special thank you for featuring us in his article titled "Young Visionaries Dream Big on the First Coast." We appreciate it so much! Make sure to click the link and check it out! 

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Flagler News Weekly with The To-Do Dudes! 

In December of 2021,

Flagler News Weekly featured us in "The Big Five" entrepreneurs showcase. We hope this can serve as an inspiration for other entrepreneurs that are looking to create positive change. 

1 Million Cups with The To-Do Dudes

1 Million Cups is a volunteer program designed to educate, engage, and inspire entrepreneurs around the country. We had the chance to speak with them and give a short presentation. This was a great opportunity to showcase our business and talk about the future plans of expansion. Check out the link for the video!

Evolve Magazine Featuring Erik Libby and The To-Do Dudes.png

Evolve Success Featuring Erik Libby

We are fortunate enough to have been featured in Evolve Magazine twice. This article dives deep into the more personal details about our company and where are roots lay. We want to thank Evolve Magazine once again for collaborating with us to produce this article. 

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