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The To-Do Dudes are a group of young aspiring entrepreneurs who have a vested interest in the people of the Palm Coast community.


Years In Business

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Schedule The To-Do Dudes 

Scheduling the To-Do Dudes is easy. We’ll confirm all details before we arrive, and talk through the project before we begin.


Customers Serviced

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What We Do

The To-Do Dudes offer Heavy Lifting/Moving, Outdoor Work, Home Cleanup, Personal Assistance, and Party/Event Help.


Jobs complete


"We were very pleased with the professionalism and attention to detail. We hired this service for watering plants, weed pulling. They are extremely dependable and always on time. Will definitely hire again!"

-Rachel M. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide tools or equipment?

We do not provide any tools or materials necessary in order to complete a job. Our 'dudes' have gloves but any other equipment that may be necessary, is expected to be provided by the customer. This can include handheld tools, hedge trimmers, any other outdoor equipment, a moving truck, dolly, cleaning supplies, etc.

How long does a job take?

We have an hour and a half minimum for all services. However, it is the customer's preference as to how many 'dudes' for how many hours they would like to book. We no longer provide in person estimates but with a good description of the job, we can provide a rough estimate over the phone! 

Do you charge any fees? How do I pay?

We charge a 24 hour cancellation fee of 1 hour per dude scheduled. The fee does not apply if we are given over 24 hours notice for a cancelled/rescheduled appointment. You can pay using your credit/debit card. Our 'dudes' will come equipped with a card reader, you swipe you card, sign the device, and receive a receipt!