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Services FAQ's

Do you bring tools to jobs? 

No, we do not. The To-Do Dudes are just the helping hand and we ask the customer to provide any tools needed. Although, every  'Dude' is trained on how to use the majority of household tools!


How do I know how long a job will take? 

We no longer provide in person estimates but with a good description of the job, we can provide a rough estimate over the phone! We have an hour and a half minimum for all services. However, it is up to the customer to determine how many 'dudes' and for how long they would like to book.

Do you charge extra for more complex To-Do’s?

No, we do not. We charge $25/hr per dude for Home Cleanup and Personal Assistance and $29/hr per dude for Outdoor Work and Moving/Heavy Lifting. Any 'to-do' that we can assist with would fall under one of these two categories! Refer to our Services Page" for more information!

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Do you provide a truck for moving jobs?

No, we do not provide any equipment for moving jobs, we are just the helping hand! Although, we can provide an estimate to help you determine what size truck you need.

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