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Services FAQ's

Do you bring your own tools/supplies? 

We specialize in being a labor service that relies on our customers to have the tools or supplies necessary to complete a job. As long as you provide the tools we provide the Dudes!


What type of services do you not complete?

Anything requiring a professional license to complete, typically falls outside of our scope of work. Our "to-don’ts" include power-washing, painting, advanced handyman work, the use of power tools, moving items 500+ pounds, moving appliances, roof work, security/ financial work with technology, and other advanced trade type tasks.

What is the cancellation Policy?

If you cancel within 24 hours you will be charged a cancellation fee of 1 hour per dude. This will not be in effect if the cancellation is weather related. If outside of 24 hours there is no penalty to reschedule or cancel. 

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Can I book a reoccurring appointment?

Of course! When booking we can book a reoccurring or one-off job depending on your household or commercial needs.

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