What does it mean to be a To-Do Dude?

Positions available for application

Being a To-Do Dude means you are diligent, positive, kind, and willing to help the community in any way! Our goal is to shine a positive light and be a helping hand to the people of Palm Coast and surrounding areas. 

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Team Leader

A team leader is someone who is willing to pave the way for others in and out of the field. 

Examples of this in the field are: 

  • Collecting payment on jobs 

  • Collaborating with the customer individually 

  • Handling all communication between the team

  • Directing work flow and participating in all team activities. 

Criteria for this position consists of: 

  • High school diploma (Preferred)

  • Previous leadership/job experience

  • 20+ hours a week of availability 

  • Resume/Recommendation letter 

  • Along with all team member criteria

Pay: $14- $16 an hour 

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Team Member

A team member is a growth minded individual who is constantly looking for ways to improve in and out of the field. 

Examples of this in the field are: 

  • Communicating with your job leader

  • Arriving 5-10 minutes early on jobs 

  • Ability to complete a variety of job types 

  • Willingness to help the customer is any way possible

Criteria for this position consists of: 

  • Growth minded

  • Looking to enhance leadership skills 

  • Accountability 

  • 16+ years of age 

Pay: $11.50 - $13.50 an hour 

Our Core Values

Growth Mindset

Having a growth mindset means you are able to take constructive criticism, improve your self and your skillset, along with progressing your career in a positive manner. 


Being accountable means being on time all the time, being reliable, and establishing trust. It also means you are able to admit when you are wrong and speak up when you may make a mistake. 


Working for the To-Do Dudes means you are always working with team members and customers. You have to be able to collaborate with people of all ages and backgrounds effectively. 

Purposeful Relationships

We value our clientele as more than just customers. We view them as friends, neighbors, and even family. We make sure our interactions with our clients are more than just transactional.